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To be rooked is the act of getting owned.

To "rook" someone else is to insult them,
or just be more intelligent and beat them in either an argument, or just have a better come back.

1. "yaddayaddayadda"
2. "....faggot"
1. ":"
2. "Rooked."
by Ian Peterson January 11, 2008
To be screwed over, usually financialy
those bastards have rooked me out of £50
by ben October 28, 2003
Scottish term for skint or broke.
Mate - Ye coming for a pint bud?
Me - Nah man, I'm rooked.
by Mikey Lee May 02, 2006
To be taken by a rook chess piece.
You faffer rooked my queen.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
To be sent back to the beginning

Background: In the game of tibia, you started at a place called rookgaard. when u reach a certain lvl u get to goto main.. but if get pked (pk) alot by other people u get sent back to rook -- I.E. rooked
Hey n00b u killed mine troll! YUR ROOKED
by Veritas Macmanus December 13, 2004
to be beat-up or just beaten at something very badly.
"Oh shiet dawg!lemme see yer bruise meng?You done got rooked son!"
by jay January 14, 2004
From magpies/rooks/crows as they steal silvery things
by Anonymous October 29, 2003