The act of a group of men lifting another man above their heads with the intention of pressing them into the roof.
Did you see that guy take a roofing last night? It took 10 of them to get him up and another 5 for the final press into the ceiling.
by LL T 82 July 04, 2013
Top Definition
The act of having sexual intercourse on a rooftop with at least one partners head dangling off the edge.
I surprised Kelly last night by taking her up to the roof and roofing her all night long.
by xblarg May 20, 2010
The act of a drunk group of lads lifting a fat bald guy above their heads and trying to press him into the ceiling.
Did you see those guys roofing Phil Payne last night? His teeth were brushing the ceiling!
by LL T 82 July 01, 2013
The act of jumping off the roof of a building into a body of water, usually while performing mid-air stunts and/or tricks.
Hey Alex, do you remember when we went roofing into your pool last summer?

by salamster February 27, 2009
The act of being on another's roof. Usually in a down town area, where roof swapping is a possibility. It is always illegal, and if it isn't then it's not roofing, it's being on a roof with permission.
Hey wanna go roofing down town tonight?
No way. Last time I roofed I got caught.
by verduras June 06, 2007
Having intercourse on the roof of your house/apartment.
Boyfriend: Hey babe, let's go roofing
Girlfriend: okay.
by Life Coach January 22, 2013
going on top of a car at high speeds holding on for your life.
"burke went roofing on the highway yesterday"
by andyjohnston September 04, 2006
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