" Common term for a drug used to render victims unconscious or incapacitated; typically used by males from college fraternities to rape female(or possibly male) victims because they, the frat kids, can't any poontang any other way due to their lack of basic social skills, idiocy or missing chromosomes"
"How close were you to the victim?"
"Oh real close, untill the roofies started to wear off and she started talking about pressin charges so i pulled my tongue out of her ass and left" Shawty scary movie 1
by Doc Johnson1234567890 July 10, 2008
A drug used for drugging someone; usually to get sex.

When mixed with alcohol it can kill somone.

Don't fuck around with this shit. If you cant get sex without this, you should just give up now. Or turn gay. :)
"He put roofies in my fucking drink.."
"I told you he wanted you.."
"He's a douche-bag"
"I'll kick him in the balls if you really want?"
"Nah, I did it last night already ;)"
by sweetypy313 March 16, 2010
A drug known as the "date rape drug" with a misleading name. You're more likey to end up on the floor than the roof.
Me: Man, he slipped me roofies last night. How did I get down?
Mike: From where?
Me: The roof.
Mike: You were on the floor.
Me: But they're called roofies.
Mike: It's a stupid name.
Me: Oh.
by hn260 May 15, 2010
Roof Top Parties . Parties that take place on the roof of a building .
We don't Throw parties in the basement , We throw Roofys on the Roof .OH Yeah ! Roofies for every body .
by Tevo Naj August 20, 2011
Intoxicating a girl with the cuteness of your puppies, such that she will bang you. Roof, roof!
I took my puppy over to Katies house and she got so into it, we hit the skins. Thanks to the roofies.
by 23419 August 16, 2011
the only thing getting online nerds laid.
(btw they prolly found the definition and how to do it, here)
that girls hot, if she puts her cup down ima put roofies in it
by ryan ferg March 29, 2006
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