1.A land pirate.

2.One who consumes 32 oz. of cheap beer per half hour,from sunrise to sunset.

Run for your fucking lives, here come the roofers.
by Stoops337 August 09, 2006
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A word made up in the Northwest part of Arkansas meaning "Fucking Dumbass"
God that guy is a complete roofer!
by Kyle Rudolph January 10, 2005
Someone who uses roofies to get someone else to sleep with them. GDI's and haters of greek life like to accuse fraternities of having such people in their houses- as a way of undermining the popularity of the fraternity on campus
Person 1: That fraternity is sketch, They have been known to roofy freshmen girls.

Person 2: Seriously!? who are the roofers in the fraternity?

Person 1: Like all of them
by Derrick Bonnerman October 14, 2009
A hardworking motherfucker...who makes more money in one day than other trades make in 3.
All the other tradesmen made fun of the roofer, until he showed them his pay stub...
by fuck y'all June 30, 2005
a crazy or insane person who exhibits extreme behavior that could endanger others.
That lady keeps kicking the cat's teeth out. She is crazy as a roofer!
by iamlapossy November 05, 2011
When a hockey player scores a goal by putting the puck into the top corner of the net, usually an in-close play by the net, or after a fancy play that dekes (fakes out) out the opposing goalie.
Did you see that goal? What a roofer!

Holy roofer...nice goal man!
by Gianni_Destructo October 07, 2011
A group of people who are crazy, not normal, or unusual. Plural Noun of roof. Usually refers to people who are going crazy and seem to be high.
Pudge: Did you see these people cogsworth, they are roofers.
Cogsworth: Oh I hate those roofers, they always seem to be on something.

M-dizzle: These roofers are running the academy K-dizzle.
A-dizzle: Well its not necessarily the roofers fault but Naa dai-dai's fault.
K-dizzle: I know M-dizzle, those roofers seem to be going bananas and the roofers population has increased in the past few weeks because naa dai-dai giving everyone a 10 on their report card for geometry.
by DomeMasterM1234 August 02, 2016
The missing link between a gorilla and a sasquatch. Hairy manbeast. Sweaty fursack.
Roofer is a giant sweaty fursack
by Jim January 30, 2003
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