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1) An object that catches one off guard by being out of place.

2) An exclamation of surprise from something "most unexpected."

Derived from a 1994 episode of The Tick animated series entitled "Heroes."

intr.v. roofpigged, roofpig·ging
Roofpig! Most unexpected!
by Unorigional November 15, 2004
Noun. Metaphoric phrase most commonly used to describe a highly unusual or unforeseen event or occurrence. Can be extended to describe people who are not as they first appear, or when a person acts out of character.

Originally derived from a quotation in '90s cartoon television show "The Tick" in which the eponymous hero, upon seeing a pig on a rooftop, exclaims "Roof Pig! Most unexpected!".
Wow! Saints won the Superbowl? That's one heck of a roof pig!

She was acting so strangely the other night - a total roof pig.
by FightingTorque May 12, 2010