grabing the penis and rubbing it on the skin between your balls and your butthole
johnny rooched himself

rob rooched his friend
by dirtbiker April 13, 2009
Top Definition
noun. a person considered to be one of the craziest muthafuckaz you'll ever meet. Usually regarding alcohol consumption, engaging in illegal activities, or fighting.
Shit was hyphy, that nigga rooch knocked out two katz while still drinkin his 40 o.e
by stupid_dumb_n_hyphy July 25, 2006
when you got a nice ass
J.Lo gots that rooch
by Arbi BZ December 08, 2004
noun: A hot chick that owes you money.
Guy 1: Is everything alright? You look sad.
Guy 2: Dam rooches they're hot as hell but they'll take your money real fast and forget you gave it to them.
Guy 1: hahaha SMH.
by oneq January 11, 2010
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