when guys, mostly cowboy fans, are in love with Tony Romo he is QB for the Dallas Cowboys. they love Romo more than life itself, wives, kids, and moms. They would suck his dick if that meant that Dallas would win the super bowl.
Hey Jim did you cathc any games on sunday?
Well Roger the only game to see was the Dallas game, where Tony was amazing, 233yds and 4 tds. He is mvp, superbowl mvp, all pro, he is 1/2 man 1/2 amazing 1/2 god. he is the only man with 3 halves.
Jim its offical you are a romosexual.
by Drew Armstrong October 23, 2007
Getting aroused by the thought, sight or smell of Rome.
Girl 1: I watched the Rome Documentary last night
Girl 2: Romosexual says what?

by Romity May 11, 2010
A person Roaming around between sexes. Like confused about what gender he/she/it is.
Hey you see that person she was definitely a guy last week, and the week before that he was a girl he's such a romosexual.
by CAKD August 13, 2009
anyone who lives in or has ever visited the city of Rome in Italy.
Charlie: I'm going to Rome
Matt: romosexual
by miltonwaddams February 19, 2010
Someone who spends time surfing the web to find the very term that defines a person who spends time surfing the web to learn all about the new Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo.
Anyone who came to this webpage is a romosexual.
by themantx November 28, 2006
Gay people who like the Dallas Cowboys and think they are the greatest thing ever
Derrick Stewart is a Romosexual
by D Lyles August 25, 2007
1) A homosexual robot. Sometimes confused with robo, the robot version of a hobo.
2) See robosexual
Oh! I thought you called me a romo!
by MultipleSifl September 28, 2003
The word "Homosexual" adapted to the Portugese way of pronouncing R's as H's.
Unclephilly is without a doubt the biggest Romosexual I have ever known.

Get out of my way,you fucking Romosexual!!
by Atomic Douchbag August 03, 2003
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