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More clearly defined that of an essex girl. From the age of 13 these girls are generally found wandering the streets of Romford, Essex on a friday and saturday night. Usually wearing the same uniform of a dress or micro skirt barely covering their buttocks/minge, a large muffin is commonly worn in conjunction with a micro skirt.

After 2am they are often seen in doorways either face down in their own vomit or taking it from behind bareback from a romford lad who they met five minutes ago whilst they were both urinating in the car park.

Sometimes they venture out as far as Basildon where the local sluts often find themselves in great difficult competing with these sexually over-enthusiastic cum buckets.

Man 1) I need a guaranteed shag tonight.
Man 2) Shall we pop down Romford then and get a romford girl to share?
by navyblue December 03, 2006
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