A sexy boy in Challenge at addison
Romeo likes a girl in mrs. haiglers class and her name starts with a S and ends with an A
by nonya April 13, 2004
1. Chat room romeo who brakes ever ones hearts and insults anyone and everyone.
2. A m3g4 faggot.
3. A racist cos he gets beat up by coloured people and they take his phone.
omgosh romeo is a faggot family member and he does anal with his dad!
by MMM™ March 21, 2004
arch-conservative asian guy, who thinks all jews are going to hell, but then gets mad when people are racist towards asians.
shut up, stop making "asian eyes" Romeo is coming...
by RAcist mofo November 12, 2003
The tradional footwear of Tenino, WA. Made of a cows @$$, an old tire, and some jb weld. Commonly seen on rednecks, hillbillies and general country folk. Usually in a package deal of copenhagen, PBR, rebel flags, and a pick up truck.
Datgumit, my romeos got clean when it rained.
Good thing I had my romeos on, else my foot be hurtin somthin fierce.
by Iron_Eye_Iris April 12, 2016
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