A story about horny teenagers.
Act 1: Romeo is sad.why? because he can't get any ass from Rosaline.
Act 3 ( or something): After knowing eachother for only a day,they already screw.

by CrazyassWOoOKid March 03, 2006
Top Definition
A tragedy by William Shakespeare.

In the end, Romeo and Juliet both die.

Teacher: Today we will start reading Romeo and Juliet.
Student: Oh, by the way, in the end, Romeo and Juliet die.
Teacher: I'll see you in detention boy!
Student: What the fuck?! They tell you in the fucking prologue!
by I spoil endings March 07, 2004
A tragedy written by William Shakespeare about 400 years ago.

Basically it's about two people who are in "forbidden love" because their parents hate each other, but they get married about 12 hours after they first met.
Yeah, then they get killed about four days later.
A lot of other people die, too.

It's pretty relevant to our time period, since it still happens between couples all over the place.
Abram: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?
Sampson: I do bite my thumb, sir.
Abram: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?
Sampson: Is the law of our side if I say ay?
Gregory: No. ):
by geo May 10, 2005
A story about two horny teenagers who want to get married and fuck as soon as they meet each other. Reading it is a torture to all middle/high school kids.
Balcony Scene of Romeo and Juliet:
Romeo: Oh Juliet Thou breasts are so big
Juliet: Thy know! Don't thou love them exploding out of thy dress.
by Boblovesbananas127 November 07, 2010
A tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the late 1500's about two star-crossed lovers. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are the main characters who come from feuding households. They meet at a Capulet party and fall in love almost immediately. But their love is forbidden to be because of the family feud. So sets the basis for the plot and, ultimately, the tragedy. The story takes these two through twists of drama and pain as they struggle to find peace in a world where there is only hate. READ IT! IT's GOOD!!!
Romeo and Juliet famous quote:

My only love sprung from my only hate!
Too early seen unknown, and known too late!
-Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 5.
by MyRomeo...<3 July 06, 2009
a label for a boy and a girl who are hopelessly in love hopeless romantic, realize that the world is out to get them and kill each other in the name of their love.
any stupid teenager who thinks that they have found their one true love worth dying for.
by daughtrofdiscord February 07, 2005
A play that gets more impossible to read the older it gets. Every 9th grade English class has to read it and the teachers love to assign a test for every act, an essay, and lost scene. The story is about two attractive teenagers that have a secret marriage and have sex then they both get really emotional and overdramatic and die. Your best bet to surviving it is to buy a No Fear Shakespeare book.
Student 1: have you started reading Romeo and Juliet?
Student 2: Yeah. We have a test on act 1...
Student 1: Don't worry, the plot is really easy to understand but for some reason the test has quotes that no one remembers...
by Tellatubb May 28, 2012
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