Rome, a slang word commonly used to describe something that is cool or admired.
"Dude, that gig was rome, you knoe!
by Charlie RCW October 17, 2011
The greatest sports talk radio host ever.
"Hey clones, Jim Rome in The Jungle."
by stiller fan February 18, 2004
Capitol of the Western Roman Empire. Note that I say Western because you might not know it but Rome was divided into 2 Empires for it to be easier to manage. Unlike the Western Empire the East survived through the Dark Ages. The east was the Eastern Empire or sometimes called the Byzantine Empire. It's capitol was Constantinople, modern day Istanbul.
Rome, you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy(at least in the 8th century).
by Elite December 02, 2003
adj: the act of being confused or mislead or lost in a conversation.
I was talking to a Rome yesterday and man did he not know what was going on.
by Prettttyx0x May 27, 2009
Stands for: Recycle On My Earth

It means that you help and care about our environment.
At recess, I felt very ROME because I picked up the trash lying on the ground.
by Harry Potter123 January 02, 2010
The name of the character from the unwritten 8th Harry Potter book whose formal title is The Roming Knight.
I saw Rome the other day, and he was totally checking out Bellatrix Lestrange.
by rome1325 June 28, 2009
to get dome/head while driving; "road dome"
I received rome on the way home.
by sum1one September 21, 2008

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