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The way he holds you and kisses your nose all the time will make you blush!!!!! and the way he will makes you feel so safe when he holds you! You could tell him anything and he will always be there and support you!!!! His will be your motivation and the reason you get up every morning and know you have to work hard to give him everything in life and what he deserves !! You will be so scared to loose him because it will hurt to even think about it !! He'll be your bestfriend, brother or boyfriend all in one !
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by cutiepie523 February 03, 2013
Romario da Souza Faria, the best soccer player ever.
He is from Brazil.
The most famous soccer player besides Pelé.
He has played professional soccer for over 15 years in clubs like: Flamingo, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia etc.
He has also been awarded "best soccer player" several times.
Mike: Did you see Romario's goal this week?
Brian: No I missed it, but soccer doesn't interest me
#soccer #brazil #grass #ball #referee #competition #world cup
by Infernum October 06, 2005
Best football player ever.
Flamboyant guy on and off the field.
"Hey, did you see Romario's hat-trick of lob's yesterday?"
"No, but i seen him at the strip club with his son"
#romario #celtic #nerazzurri #los ches #1000.
by nerazzurri_bhoy September 25, 2006
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