It involves shellfish of some type
BB, let's go to the fish market and get romantical.
#romantic #magical #oh shit- it's today? #love #seafood
by amoolia August 09, 2011
A heart warming event between people with other than standard male-female romantic emotionality.
My and three of my friends showed up at the computer lab at the same time. It was so romantical!
#romantical #romantic #fake #word #english
by Buttmunchersmelly July 15, 2011
completely not romantic or sentimental; lacking sentiment or sincerity
Guy comes over to girlfriend's house for a nooner. She answers the door in lingerie. He walks past, puts down his keys and phone. Takes off his watch. Starts talking about his day. Girl stands in kitchen completely in disbelief.

"That's so romantical, baby."
#insincere #lacking sentiment #unromantic #unsentimental #lacking feeling
by tampa girl March 12, 2010
1. Using words that are not romantic to mean something romantic, or 2. Using romantic words in rather unromantic settings.
1. Saying, "I want to wear your ass as a hat!" when you mean, "Baby your butt looks good in those apple-bottom jeans."

2. Saying, "I love you" while standing with your girlfriend in a Sani-hut. Actually, saying "I love you" anywhere near (or within smelling distance of) a Sani-hut can be seen as romantical.

3. Telling your girlfriend that you want to facebook the f*ck out of her.
#sexy #hot #romance #suave #flattering
by Craic Shack December 02, 2008
ro-man-tic-al (n) kisses from james wilkie to jayden james.
it's romantical the way you feel when he cups your face and kisses your lips, giving you all of his soul in that moment. then he pulls back and looks deep into your eyes, willing to take anything you give.
#romantical #jamie #kisses #cuddles #pumpkin.
by jaydenjaybroderick March 01, 2008
All romantic and shit.
Baby, this trip is romantical.
#romantic #sweet #love #romance #amorous
by ::Jules:: May 24, 2006
1. adjective - resulting from, full of, actuated by, characteristic of or appealing to romance
The restaurant was romantical. Perfect for the special occasion.
#romance #romantic #romantics #romantique #unromantic
by HelJed November 29, 2010
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