When your fucking a girl standing up from behind, and you cum so hard it blasts her off your dick like a roman candle firework.

If one is skilled enough, they can actually emulate the action of a real roman candle and do this several times in a row (with a different girl each time of course, since the girl is usually injured on her way back down to earth)
dude#1: I was going at it doggy style with that girl from the bar last night, and I shit you not, i actually came so hard, that she "rocketed" off my dick and into the wall....is there even a name for that?

dude #2: holy shit dude! you perfectly executed the ROMAN CANDLE!!! you gotta show me how....
by Felix Vennegaldi March 05, 2008
Top Definition
A particular firework that is about 1.5 ft long and shoots out 10-20 balls of colorful fire. Fun when used over a lake, more fun when used in enclosed, flammable spaces!
Holy shit! We just burnt down that house with a roman candle!! RRUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!
by darkasassin_325 July 03, 2005
a firework that you hold after it's been lit, and it shoots out fireball from the opposite end (or the end facing you, if you're retarded)
"i almost started a brushfire with a roman candle"
by cream of sumyungay September 17, 2005
1. The act of doing a girl from behind, pulling out (similar the the flying houdini) putting your dick between her ass cheeks at a steep angle, and blowing you load. The final effect should be shots of jizz flying up, similar to a Roman Candle. Bonus points for landing it on the bitches head
Billy was raw-doggin it in Suzy, and, not wanted to knock her up, was prepared to just skeet on the bed. However, to spice things up, he instead did the Roman Candle, and proceeded to drop a huge load on top of Suzys head.
by lick.my.wick January 22, 2009
The pinnacle of very dangerous pyrotechnics.
It's fireworks that you HOLD IN YOUR HAND!

It's a Roman Candle!
by A Little Pinprick July 15, 2006
When a hot air balloon loses all its air and streamers to the ground. It's a horrific sight.
At the Balloon Fiesta there was a horrible accident with one balloon doing a roman candle.
by dwied July 20, 2009
When your girl is giving you some sick head lying on your back. Just as she senses your about to cum she lets go of the shaft causing your cock to point backwards. Thus causing your load to erupt in your face instead of hers.
My girl was giving me some intense head then humorously let go of my custard launcher causing my jiz to squirt in my face like a rogue roman candle.
by DoyleHargraves December 14, 2014
When you get a blow job while the other person has pop rocks in their mouth.
Why are you buying pop rocks?
I'm going to give that guy a roman candle.
blow job
pop rocks
by JPK and AWS October 06, 2010
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