-The race of Teucer, mythologically thought to have been derived from Troy; though most likely descended from Etruscan farmers. City of Rome was thought to have been founded by Romulus Qurilinus after he had slew his brother Remus.
The Romans controlled approximately two-thirds of Europe and the Mediterranian at the height of their empire.
by My name September 04, 2003
Barbarians of Barbarians, The Romans copied off the Hellenes for the most part, with the exception of the Pila, the Gladius (copied from the Iberioi), and the formations and built a huge empire, ripping off everyone and taking all the glory and credit for themselves. If Rome was to be portrayed accurately on Axis Power Hetalia, it should be portrayed how Korea is portrayed in it, as Korea had its own cannons and metal prints. Romans were known for their orgies, taken a step upwards from pagan Greeks (Christian Greeks abstained from such nonsense) and had bang bang bang everywhere, and Augustus failed because he engaged in it like any "good" Roman. In fact, Romans were known for luxury that led to their demise, leaving the GREEK Byzantines to survive while they themselves vanished due to the invasion of the "Barbarians"
Romans! We are... "squished by Hannibal's Elephants"

ROMANI! AVE IVPPIT... "pwned by Pyrrhos Aiakides"

We Romans must have Parthian W... "Owned by Parthians"
by HellasFTW December 20, 2010
Multi billionaire russian. Loved by many in west london. Likes spending his money.
I'm gonna do a roman tonight bruv
by I-Mc January 27, 2004
A sexy 16 year old who is sexy and lives in California who is the coolest guy ever and hes like the Fonzie of our time hes like aaayy!
Yo B-Boy Roman Dog your so fucking sexy how did you get that sexy and macho?
by Oral sex August 23, 2008
to penutbutter on ones balls and has the dog lick it off
im gonna roman when my parents leave.
by duckfuck November 03, 2007
A sick graffiti tag, put up in East Coast Australia.
RoMaN of GRS crew
by Diego July 28, 2003
an adjective used to describe one who is untrustworthy, conceited, and foreign.
Jenny: "Did you see that roman kid today?"
Joe: "Yeah, no wonder he's so full of himself."
by annnnnonymousssssssssss June 26, 2009

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