a person that thinks the whole world has beef with them, especially their family members and baby-mamas.
Did you hear about that kid that talks smack about everyone?

Yeah, man. He's such a Roman.
by Kkkateee May 17, 2011
More than one pack of Rah-men; usually when one is feeling like a fat-kid
Me: What do you have at your house we can eat..?
Lee: like...two packs of Roman noodles
by T&Kwords.inc December 28, 2010
Term for Police used by the Ibis Tribe
"Look out for the Romans"
by Thahib September 21, 2009
verb, In poker, a ridiculous all-in raise which may be unexpected, with little or unlikely chances of success, which inexorably wins the hand, usually at the turn or river, followed by and/or preceded by an outburst, usually of an ironic, silly, humorous, or foolish nature; May also include a slowroll; May also lose the hand;
Poker Player: Trip jacks, what do you got?
Roman: *slams down pocket tens* Boats are for shipping! *gets up, does a dance and kills the dog*
by Loyd Void October 16, 2007
noun - an annoying college roommate. often, the roman will attempt to create uncomfortable homo-emotional moments between the roommates due to its periodic menstrual cycle. a roman can be identified with one or more of the following attributes: catching stray cats and keeping them to provide its own lonely pussy with company; wearing tight clothing, especially pants to show off its camel-toe; sleeping next to a machete as a precaution so that if too much blood flows from its vagina in the middle of the night, it can cut out the swollen tampon; lighting over 42 candles and placing them around the apartment as it masturbates to the bathroom mirror in the absence of "friends"; driving a green volvo wagon at high speeds with the windows down to air out its flapping vagina; in cases where its roommates leave it to run away, a roman will lock itself in its room for days as it cries in a whisper to its vagina; a roman's pet (such as lizards or fish) will kill themselves rather than suffer the nauseating stench which its festering vagina emits on a day to day basis.

if not clear by now, a roman will inherently have a vagina. this is due to a genetic mutation caused by being born in close proximity to the broken down nuclear sites of the former soviet union i.e. Chernobyl. in the event of encountering a roman, one MUST light it with a flaming glass of vodka; this is the only way it will leave you alone.

it is an unfortunate circumstance. one cannot control contingency.
I'm sorry I trashed your couch, bro.

What the fuck, dude! Why?!?

I had to. That fucking roman wouldn't stop threatening me with his machete because I didn't care about what he named his new beta-fish. After I lit him on fire, he was so upset, his vagina exploded. There was blood everywhere.

sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me
by beaman,dude April 29, 2010
A cool ukrainian teenager who lives in california, great kisser, funny, lovable, huggable and very intelligent. Friends with everyone, Future billionaire, best friend is max and he lives to do what God wants. Can always please the ladies.
Look! There goes Roman, damn he's sexy beast
by romanovich December 01, 2005
-The race of Teucer, mythologically thought to have been derived from Troy; though most likely descended from Etruscan farmers. City of Rome was thought to have been founded by Romulus Qurilinus after he had slew his brother Remus.
The Romans controlled approximately two-thirds of Europe and the Mediterranian at the height of their empire.
by My name September 04, 2003

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