A slang term for people of Western and/or caucasoid descent, usually used by Muslims and/or people of Arab descent. Typically considered insulting or epithetic by the latter, and rather confusing by the former.
Damn you Roman dogs, with your sex and your banks and your democracy!
by Dark Laith December 30, 2008
Roman Is The Most Amazing Guy Alive, He Is Better Then AnyOne, Just One Glance & You Will Fall In Love. He Is Stunning. Incredibly Good Looking. He's Just Like A Prince In All The Fairy Tales. He Is The Sweetest Guy You Will Ever Meet. Even Though His Friends Are Idiots He Is Nothing Like Them. He Knows How to Treat A Girl &He Will Always Be There For You. Roman Is The Guy Every Girl Dreams About Being With. Any Girl Would Be Lucky To Meet Him, He Is Simply Amazing &i Love Him,&iWill Love Him Forever &89 Days.
Ex: Roman Is So Amazing.
by His GirlFriend Erika. January 23, 2012
A. A Russian name (male)

B. A person who in character expresses a profound ambivalence between action and inaction, between wishful thinking and passively accepting fate, between a need for quick gratification and patient submissiveness, between impatiently, wanting change and cynically dismissing the possibility for improvements.

C. A Russian person.
He can never make up his mind. He's such a roman.

Only Roman would say "I hate rainbows and sunshine."
by gw11 April 24, 2008
A handsome man with a muscular structure of the Gods. His happy eyes are enough to lift your spirits. He has a kind and loving heart with unending patience. He gives his full effort in everything he does. Even when you are miles apart he will show you his unconditional love for you. He is the best lover to have. He is loyal, honest, and will prove how devoted and committed he is in your relationship. He has a sense of humor and knows when to serious. He is just a gem in this person. He's a treasure to keep!
Damn, look at that bod! Must be a Roman.
by His Girlfriend Kristin February 24, 2014
The best mechanic
Do you have a Roman working on your beemer? if not, your dad should take the M3 and trade it in for a honda.
by autocube February 11, 2013
A really handsome, attractive, strong and intelligent boy that attracts every girl that sees him.
Wow, that Román is so attractive!
by kafosky January 20, 2015
Absurdly overemotional towards a girl. So attached that a protective order is required. Poetry becomes your life. You drop the Army and all ties with your previous life.
Dude! Your'e being such a Roman. She doesn't even like you anymore. Now go write poetry. BITCH!
by Jackie_O July 30, 2014

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