The greatest rock band of all time. Even at 60, Mick Jagger still owns every other rocker. They've written more great songs than just about any band.
by James Vander September 25, 2003
A political magazine disguised as a music magazine.
Every time I look at a Rolling Stone, I swear there are more political articles than music articles. I don't read a MUSIC magazine for the fucking politics. I read it for the MUSIC.
by LoganR93 September 10, 2011
A magazine that was once about music and (politically correct left-wing) politics, but is now little more than a periodical of adult fan fiction for music journalists who have a crush on reactionary crybaby and sometimes rapper Kanye West.

When they're not depicting him as Jesus, they're calling him a genius who is operating on a completely different level to us Philistines who don't happen to believe that the US Government created the AIDS virus.
I just picked up the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, but all it is was a bunch of nude drawings of Kanye West. It did come with a free magnifying glass, though.
by Peter_File_1969 December 09, 2011
The greatest rock band of all time. They've written and recorded more iconic rock and roll songs than most other bands even have played on the radio. These include: Satisfaction, Paint It Black, Start Me Up, Brown Sugar, Street Fighting Man, Jumpin' Jack Flash, and Sympathy For The Devil. The four current members of the Rolling Stones are Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith 'Keef' Richards (guitar/vocals), Ron Wood (guitar), and Charlie Watts (drums).
"Whoa, man, the Rolling Stones are the rockin'est band ever."
by Andrew December 29, 2003
You are fresh. On a roll. Nothing is stopping you right now. You are like a stone which keeps moving. You are up with the times and living in the contemporary world.
The magazine Rolling Stone attempts to be contemporarys but only people like you reading this are tring to be fresh by keeping up with teh times and don't want to stop rolling.
by somemoron March 23, 2005
A rolling stone is basically a hoe, they go with a lot of people
Camrien: Aye Ty I talk to a lot of dudes, which one should I choose?
Ty: Girl I don't know but you a rolling stone frfr
by Jayx October 09, 2013
Came out with four albums from 1968-1972 (Beggars' Banquet, Let It Bleed, sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St.) that define rock'n'roll and encapsulated everything the Beatles, Zeppelin, the Who, and any other 60s band inspired by the blues could never do: keep the sound and soul intact. The other bands just wrote rock music; the Stones did and fused both and as such, are the greatest band ever.
rolling stones own ass
by Ernie the Scab Eater January 25, 2006
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