a college, a.k.a country club, where the weather is hot and the students are hotter. a typical day for a rollins student includes: waking up late, throwing on some designer clothes, maybe going to class, laying out by the pool, watching wakeboarders on the lake, eating on park ave., and eventually going down town or to a winter park hot spot and popping bottles like it's their job. not that many students have actually jobs, thanks daddy.

greek life is huge, surprising for the size of the school. the fraternities include: Phi Delt, ATO, TKE, Chi Psi, and X Club. sororities include: KKG, Chi O, KD, NCM, AOPi, and SGRho. Its hard to say what sorority and fraternities are the best and the worst overall but this past year KKG and Phi Delt have come out on top for rush.
student 1: hey what do you want to do today?

student 2: um i dunno, maybe go to a sick phi delt day party, go to dinner on park ave., then go downtown

student 1: yeah that sounds good. we can take my beamer to the party.

student 2: okay, let me grab my black card and we're good to go brah.

student 1: god im so glad i go to rollins
by rolly colly October 05, 2009
Top Definition
I term used to define a drug trip, usually for 'hard core' drugs such as Exstacy and Cough Syrup
She was rollin on E at his party, thats why she was so crazy.
by caitZ August 30, 2005
Rollins: One of the most absurd colleges in the country where the most elite kids in the country recieve an excecllent education while living at a country club. Playboy recognized Rollins as the 3rd best party school in the country due to the extremely hot girls that constantly chill by the pool. In addition, many believe that student who go to Rollins will not be prepared for the real world because of the relaxed lifestyle, but in reality around 60 of the Fortune 1000 richest people went to Rollins.
Student 1: What do you want to do here at Rollins today?
Student 2: Lets do some coke and lay by the pool and look at all the hot girls while occassionly watching some sweet wakeboarders on the lake.
Student 1: Ok, hold on though I need to study and then drive my M3 to 711 and get some beer.
Student 2: K sounds good, buy some condoms too since its so easy to get layed here by fucking ass hoes who are truly not sluts.
by Rollins College Finest October 16, 2005
a term by used by ravers under the influence of ecstacy. similiar to thizzin in bay area,ca.
i was hella rollin last night at the club.
by mobb June 04, 2006
The term used when reffering to someperson high on ecstacy
I was rollin balls last night at freak night!
by drewewrd November 11, 2006
to be on ecstacy or another drug that trips you out.
I popped 2 tabs & I was rollin hard!
by Ashleygarcia December 25, 2006
a country club college for the classiest students this side of the east coast. most consider rollins a waste of 45 Gs a year, but those who attend find it worth every penny.
kid 1: where are all the rich kids going to college?
kid 2: no doubt they're going to rollins.
kid 1: oh isn't that the rich school with all the hot girls?
kid 2: duh. only really high class people attend.
To be under the influence of XTC.
I'm rollin' my ass off! This is GREAT!
by the voice of reason April 25, 2003
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