A real cool guy that lives in washington
Gary-"Hey do you know Rollie?"
Juan-"Of coarse he is real cool and lives in washington"
by Rollie York August 21, 2006
A turd, or turd filled object such as a paper towel or used piece of toilet paper found in rolling distance of a toilet or trashcan.
Man! Geoff found a rollie by the shelf when he cleaned the bathroom.
by Bathroom Guy 3 January 20, 2009
A police patrol car.
Yo, it's a rollie, move the stash.
by BigUp June 09, 2005
An inadvertent glimpse of a woman's underwear while she is wearing them.
Mark! Look at that girl posing for that picture, you can see her rollie!
by Sithsteen July 10, 2008
A blunt; cigar
We need a rollie to smoke.
by Sunny:) November 06, 2014

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