A turd, or turd filled object such as a paper towel or used piece of toilet paper found in rolling distance of a toilet or trashcan.
Man! Geoff found a rollie by the shelf when he cleaned the bathroom.
by Bathroom Guy 3 January 20, 2009
Top Definition
a cigarette that you roll yourself
by aenema August 16, 2003
Slang term for a Rolex watch, most commonly used by rappers.
Yo, this bitch was all over my 80 G rollie at the club last night.. shit, where'd it go?.. awww shit...
by g $ mikey September 26, 2004
A cigarrete that was constructed using a regular sized "rizla" or "skin" (not kingskin), Rolling Tobacco, and Filter tip or Roach(rolled up tube of card, often taken from the "green card" contained in the back of the packet of papers)
Ponce : ahh set us a rollie man
Man : Okay but your gonna have to find your own roach
Ponce : ahh, dont worry ive got some Filters
by Mr Patel November 27, 2007
slang term for a Rolex watch.
This rollie 'round my wrist cost me 15 G's, man!
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
A joint or hand rolled cigarette containing marijuana.
Hey man I got some herb and skins. Here hook us up with a rollie.
by Smile420 February 28, 2010
Spoiled Brat, with major issues!! Has the ability for greatness but to buisy throwing a pity party.
by LG78/76 June 25, 2011
A real cool guy that lives in washington
Gary-"Hey do you know Rollie?"
Juan-"Of coarse he is real cool and lives in washington"
by Rollie York August 21, 2006

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