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roll of toilet paper taped to a box of laundry detergent
you bammers do have the perfect duo there...toilet paper taped to a
Tide* box....you can wipe your ass and wash the streaks out of your
boxers when Auburn beats the "shit" out of you guys
by pughkat April 28, 2005
A slang word used to describe the STD gonorrhea. Usually applied to those who are from Alabama.
"Don't go near that girl she is roll tide."
by Srostitute May 10, 2009
A completely uneducated saying a toothless redneck would say even though Alabama has not been a national powerhouse in football since the Bear left.
Bama is number one. We will win a national championship. Bear Bryant is alive. Roll Tide!!
by Ben September 27, 2004