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she's hot, but she needs to shave her pubes
that banana musta tasted weird with all that hair around it
by jake jensen March 23, 2003
some stupid slut who sticks bananas up her pussy and has guys eat her out and eat the banana at the same time...man what a fuckin whore and she gets it on with girls but i won't mention any names
by blackwoodsmybitch March 12, 2003
a girl who thinks she is better than everyone else and likes having sex with more than 10 guys a night especally ones with herpes..and she just so happens to have a girlfriend too who is 7 foot tall and wears suspenders...
Hannah Bannana what happend to you??
by IIIIIIII March 10, 2003
a hoe who bleeds all over another person's bed(while having sex) and is so nasty that they just flip it over
same as the 1st. definition
by proud pirate March 04, 2003