A online game where people can make up new people and new lives. Basically, anything goes.
RhyDin, the dream of what was, is a roleplaying community.
by VacantlyHopeful December 15, 2003
Pretending you're an extremely in-shape ninja who fights seemingly in slow motion, and is capable of doing multiple things simultaneously including dodging every obstacle thrown at you.
In the hunger games roleplay, you might act as katniss who can Always kill people with a single arrow.
by Arbiterzz June 23, 2013
To 'Act' as a character with someone elses character.
Or a Online "game" to do when everyone is bored and doesnt know what to talk about
I roleplay with an online buddy i have met almost everyday
by Someone_111 August 05, 2007
completely addicting games which take over your life, make you antisocial, and, in a worse case scenario, end up with a 30 year old playing the games whenever they have a free moment.
Eliminates possibility of getting any work done at all.
Commonly sexual, even if it's Harry Potter roleplaying.
I had to give up roleplaying because it was taking over my life like a huge purple monster.
by Cheez March 23, 2004
To act a role of a character you make in a fantasy world, most likely medieval with dragons, orcs, undead, and elves, and whatnot.
Typical roleplaying greeting:
"Greetings and well met."
by PiousHeretic November 09, 2003
To be surrounded by people who do not run around like spoiled infants doing everything they can ruin your experience.
I role-play every night on my computer.
by Kewk August 13, 2004
Any unnecessary gay socializing activity. Usually ( but not always) performed sober in large groups of people gathered to carry out said activity.
Some role play activities include :Bonfires, night swims, kickball, matt gorman parties, facebook, lindy hops, board game nights, the family, more than 500 pictures on your facebook, friendly's, sober bowling, the beach, the gym, texting, student council, black light parties, the YU crew, he boardwalk, theatre, PA, scavenger hunts, jeep wranglers, mikes hard lemonade, water pong, miller light, Frats, the mall, the movies, new friends, black and white pictures, oovoo, skype, chatroulette, dinner dates, straw chains, matching clothes with friends, pf changs, highschool,
by WHOAmccabe July 14, 2010
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