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An evolution of the word "troll" via various typos whilst texting on a smartphone.

- "Troll"
- "Trololololol"
- "Rrololololol"
- "Rrokiloikolil"
- "Roikiloikolil"
- "Roik"

"Roik" is able to replace almost any word but is typically used to replace the word "troll"
"That kid is going to get roiked so hard."

"Did you roik your work last night?"


"What did you do..."
"I roiked."
by JambleCortez October 24, 2011
The jester of words; it can replace any verb, noun or adjective.

Origins: ceebs, jamble, cortez
James: Man, we should probably roik harder.
Jesse: You mean, the roikface.jpg wasn't enough?
James: Yemen
by trollface.psd August 28, 2011