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A red head. Usually one who has moved on from grade 9. They commonly have allergies or get rashes to the sun, as well as allergies to all types of sunscreen which is a bit unfortunate. Nonetheless, they are wonderful people who like to abbreviate every word possible, enjoy wishing to be gangsta like long walks on the beach and the smell of vanilla.
1. roi kop: "omg so i totes love abrevesing words!"

person: "you're such a roi kop"
roi kop: "you know it!"

2. person: "Why are you allergic to the sun?"
roi kop: "Idk... my bff, jill? No seriously, it's because I'm a roi kop."
by Superduperroikop June 11, 2009
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A girl with red hair. she is in a perpetual state of grade 9-ness and is without anything metallic on the outside of her teeth. has been known to have a particular liking of singing, south park, charlie the unicorn, and "The Game". Has been known to enable people to come see plays by paying for their cab fair. Is often known to have skin that will die within seconds of contact with sunglight, but still manages to provide occasionally hilarious conversations about absolutely nothing
Tamlyn, I am going to call you Roi Kop from now on.
Roi Kop, remember the time i got you out of class when you just didnt feel like it.
The Roi Kop and I had a discussion about the letter G
by cokezeroisfuntodrink June 10, 2009
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