the best friend (and hopefully boyfriend) a girl could have. always there for you no matter what. love you bud
-what are your thoughts on rohan?
--ahhh rohan! such a good kid. love that guy
#ruhan #best friend #hot #funny #gorgeous
by rohans best friend May 02, 2011
Top Definition
The ideal man. A man that has boyish good looks, a nice tush, and intelligence. He has the magical ability to put a smile on your face when you're down. His smile is so bright, he's always blingin.
Damn I need to find myself a rohan.

I wish I could be a rohan.

I think I found my rohan.

#hot #god #ro-hunk #intelligent #nanu
by Gpnut December 01, 2006
A really really cool guy
man i wish i was a rohan like that guy!
by kristy April 02, 2004
usually describes an amazingly hot, intelligent, caring,kind, shy guy.has the cutest butt and the most amazinggg smile.very loving person.always puts himself last and dedicated to helping others.ultimate soulmate material

also describes the place in lord of the rings where all the frickin hot guys on horses with swords come from.
wow i think i just met my rohan.

Girl 1: that dude is sooo friggin hot!!!
Girl 2: yea he is such a Rohan
#soulmate #friggin hot #sweet #amazing smile #nabeela's soulmate #intelligent #selfless
by beelo April 19, 2009
An extremely sweet and sexy young man who doesn't know the true definition of "twins." Loved by a very nice girl who is two years his senior.
Girl 1: So what do you think of my new fiancee?
Girl 2: Well, he's no Rohan, but he'll do.
#rohan #shah #sweet #sexy #robo
by Rotta June 10, 2008
A team player.

Someone who does what is in the best intrest of the group.
That kid just took the blame for the teacher having a nevous brakedown, he is such a rohan
#rowan #team-player #selfish #selfless #motivated
by jack stack July 20, 2010
Acronym meaning Ring Of Hair Around Nipple
"Dude she has some sweet R.O.H.A.N."
"Your gross"
#rohan #r.o.h.a.n #nipple hair #rahan #ro han
by Mike Milke October 20, 2009
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