Def. numbers correlate with ex. subset numbers! (So, try to read one def. at a time then read it's respective subset example.)
1. One whom refuses any physical movement unless it involves pleasuring one's self.
2. Avoidance of esp. physical, mental and/or spiritual pursuits in pursuit of videogame dominance, personal upliftment and other narcissistic, masturbatory manners.
3. Living a pathetic existence with passive-aggressive tendencies; thereby, creating a monster of inner rage most likely manifested because of a lack of ability to attain pie steaks due to excessively low amounts of money-in-hand daily unless given a maximum of five dollars from parents; therefore, performing non-masturbatory chores.
4. One whom steals, over utilizes, then obliterates the catch phrases and quips of other genius' such as Dan Beers. One whom also steals Burger King gift cards from close companions (i.e. Dan Beers) that have spent great time and extensive money on his personal happiness i.e. pie steaks, beer, gas money, food, and other self-indulgences all of which the actual, original "ROGER(S)" greatly enjoys.
5. One whom continuously attempts to get laid and yields fruitless time after time; hence, stalks and preys on women under the age of legality in Cochabamba, Columbia (13 yrs.).
*6.* One whom has a vindictive lack of appreciation and respect for those whom have given him great amounts of material goods along with exponentially increasing his morale and self-image. It is vindictive in nature because his outlook on life is that he deserves more than most everyone because he wasn't given as much as some others, yet the one's whom have given him the most i.e. Dan Beers are left wafting in the wind, and when these benefactors to the "ROGER(S)" cause protest him for not reciprocating good will, "ROGER(S)" pulls out the "pity card" and denies ever receiving such good will. This opinion may derive from a socialist or communist perspective of society as best for society in a "ROGER(S)" opinion (usually a very unwarranted and unsubstantial opinion.).
7. Without worth; of no use, importance or value; good-for-nothing; valueless; less than a piece of garbage; enjoys sodomy with other men named Gomorrah.
(All in all, "ROGER(S)" is the epitome of the most pathetic and worthless sentiments of man with the will to implement these sentiments.)
Subset; (1);(2);(3);(4);(5);(6);(7);
(1) Derived from Fraygo 1/1/08, 1:02 P.M., EST:
e.g. "Dude, stop being such a *%&$ing "ROGER(S).'" - as from def., being a *%&$ing "ROGER(S)" would entail refusing a request for certain action from an outside party. i.e. "Dude, stop being such a *%&$ing "ROGER(S)" by declining to help me move into my new apartment!"
(1) This derivation from Fraygo extentuates or abates the true definition of "ROGER(S)"; as, the true meaning is much more severe and pathetic.
(2) Derived from Biggied19 1/1/08, 1:15 P.M., EST:
e.g. "Go*%&$nit man, this F-ing (actually says "F-ing") videogame is totally rigged. You cheated somehow, and I need revenge to fulfill my masturbatory, narcissistic, self-indulging needs."
(3) Derived from Biggied19 2/25/08, 2:16 P.M., EST:
Def. also causes long periods of whining and agony until an outsider is provoked into indulging "ROGER(S)" with a shower of gifts such as e.g. pie steaks, beer, and specially-designed condoms for hand practice all for free.
(4) Derived from Biggied19 2/25/08, 2:23 P.M., EST:
e.g. "What's doing."
(4) "What's doing" is a quip used for a previously great duration that has been stolen and tarnished by the actual, original "ROGER(S)" himself.
(4) A "ROGER(S)" would rather purchase: the rights for an empty can worth ten cents; the rights to a used condom (from jerkage only), rewrapped that he saved from ten years ago in hopes to get laid at the Saidy Hawkin's dance; and the rights to a potential NCAA football videogame rematch instead of simply buying the rights to "What's doing."
(5) Derived from Biggied19 2/25/08, 2:52 P.M., EST:
e.g. Hoffman's sisters are at code red, elevated, terrorist-style risk from the phallus of the actual, original
"ROGER(S)" himself.
(5) A "ROGER(S)" tends to prey on the young offspring or siblings of the opposite sex of a close companion - Hoffman.
*(6)* Derived from Biggied19 2/25/08, 3:13 P.M., EST:
e.g. The denial of "ROGER(S)" in his belief that he deserves everything he has been so graciously given without being thankful or returning that good will to those who have given to him exceeds that of even the band 'Hoobastank' thinking they are successful in the music industry.
(7) Derived from Biggied19 2/25/08, 3:42 P.M., EST:
e.g. The ancient city of Gomorrah, with Sodom, was destroyed by God for its intrinsic wickedness. As such, a "ROGER(S)", by true definition, should be dealt with in a similar, but maybe more contemporary fashion.
by Dan Beers February 25, 2008
To roger is an English slang term commonly used to mean have sexual intercourse. However, it is used only for men towards Women, and not the other way round. It is also commonly used to describe the taking of a woman from behind.
I am going to roger her.
I rogered her something stupid.
I rogered her up the arse.
by Sambuca James September 14, 2005
1. A positive acknowlegment; "ok", "understood". Used in (old, military) radio language. Also "roger that".

2. To have sexual intercourse, of course (old british)
A: Turn right from next
B: Roger
by jay honey August 31, 2005
A Roger is loyal and loving.
A Roger is kind, warm-hearted and supportive.
A Roger is a gentleman.
A Roger will never cheat on you.
A Roger is slightly old-school.
A Roger loves cuddling and sweet, tender kisses!
A Roger is the best person you could meet.
Usually Rogers are Europeans.
A Roger is generally quirky, cool, eccentric, quiet and introspective.
Rogers have beautiful and calm souls.
"Ah, thank you so much sir! You're such a Roger."
"I wish all men could be Rogers"
by blondiesoprano January 29, 2009
A monopolistic GSM cell phone carrier (Also known as Robbers) in Canada that abuses and gouges consumers with their absurd and ridiculous pricing. Laugh when criticized and raise phone prices higher as a result. Instead of offering customers with more competitive rates, they raise prices because of their might, power and monopolistic ways.

Also accredited with killing the imminent iPhone launch in Canada with their terrible and unfair plans.
An example as follows(which is quite uncompetitive considering the marketing BS they pull all the time):

- $60/month. 150 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 400 MB Data, 75 SMS sent
- $75/month. 300 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 750 MB Data, 100 SMS sent
- $100/month. 600 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 1 GB Data, 200 SMS sent
- $115/month. 800 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 2 GB Data, 300 SMS sent
Idiot: I just signed on with Rogers for three years and got the new iPhone!!!
Random Guy: Wow you got screwed by Robbers.... They need to fund the Blue Jays somehow...

Customer: Wow! Robbers just sent me a bill for $1,002, 232 because I "overused" data....
by ultran00b July 10, 2008
Male name. German origin. Meaning: Famous Spearman.
Roger is a boy. An amazing boy. His smile could give you the warm fuzzies!! He's a hard worker and loves chocolate. He's impulsive at times, but when he takes time to think things through he can make magic happen. You could get lost in this boy's eyes. He's a bit of a nerd, and slightly dorky at times. Often Rogers are happy go lucky, but can get depressed every now and then. A Roger would do anything for you, but you should never take advantage of them. They require love and affection. Rogers tend to lock their feelings up, but when you open them up a bit they can show you a ridiculous love like no other. They'll tease you, but protect you too. A Roger would never want to hurt you and will always make you feel loved. He has a puppy-like charm. The kind of boy you'd want to fall in love with.
Roger, I am without a doubt in love with you. <3
by A"Silly"Girl February 21, 2011
An unfortunate name for a pilot to have.
Other pilot : "Righto. Roger Roger."
Roger : "Why'd you roger Roger me?"
Other pilot : "Because I always say 'roger'."
Roger : "But why say it twice?"
Other pilot : "Well, I'd've said it to you, regardless of your name. I mean-"
Roger : "Okay, shut up now-"
Other pilot : "-If your name had been Steve, I would've said 'roger Steve'-"
Roger : "Shudafukap or I'll crash the plane!"
by molartooth January 06, 2010
Roger indicates acknowledgment of everything that was just said to you, when really you just mean "Fuck you".
"Alright Specialist, make sure you complete maintenance on your vehicle, write your own counseling statement, and clean my weapon. Don't let me catch you sleeping on guard later either. I'm going to the PX."
"Roger sergeant."
by Specialist H. December 03, 2007

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