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The lovably pathetic father figure in the comic strip Foxtrot. He is 45 years old, a graduate of Willot college, works as a corporate slave for a man named JP Pembrook, is married to Andy Fox with whom he has 3 children, Peter, Paige and Jason. He is known to have a voracious appetite, a trait passed to Peter, and has been hinted to eat whole blocks of cheddar cheese in a single sitting, as well as matching his age in platefuls of food during Thanksgiving dinner. He is a favorite character of many Foxtrot fans for his (at times) Homer-esque lapses of judgement, including such antics as locking himself and Andy out of their house accidently during a snowstorm, flooding the entire main floor of the house while attempting to run the dishwasher, and being suckered into the "Willy Millions Rags-to-riches program", which turned out to be nothing more than an expensive TV scam.
Running gags involving Roger Fox include:
-Playing catch with Peter and getting knocked out with the ball.
-His insatiable hunger
-His rather poor skills at the game of golf
-Being completely inept at computer use
For these reasons and more, Roger Fox is my favorite character in the Foxtrot strip.
by Primo Jonez August 25, 2007
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