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Yet another word by the famous internet inventor of words, known only by his online gaming alias "JaJa". No one knows his true identify, but he will forever be honored within our internetual culture.

Roflslut is a widely used within the internetular culture. The definition is someone who uses the word "rofl" excessively. The word was founded in 1884 by Sir. Rofl of Greenburg. The story goes that he had many wives. One day they kept annoying him for more money saying "Rofl, Rofl, Rofl". He pulled out that pimp hand and just slapped those bitches. Tip of the day: Remember before pimp slapping, B.I.T.C.H. Bring your hand back. Inivision. Turn. Call out (in anger). Hit. Rofl called her a roflslut cause she was a slut and she kept saying his name to much. Once rofl became a commonly used word in internetual language a young man found the old word roflsut in a story he read. From then on the word has been used everywhere.
JaJa: Pie
Bob: rofl
Bob: rofl
Bob: :( rofl
by Lord JaJa September 25, 2006
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