an acronym used in online games or chatrooms combining the acronyms "rofl" and "lmfao". It usually means you are laughing harder than laughing your ass off.
IrTEHn00b: How do I bring up teh start menu?
Exampledude: ROFLMFAO! n00b!
by Sirius123 May 08, 2007
Top Definition
abbreviation for "rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off
I'm a fucking computer nerd that knows this word, roflmfao
by Josh Meesh February 24, 2003
One of the highest standard levels lazy people type to express laughter.
Level 1: Lol
Level 2: Rofl
Level 3: Lmao
Level 4: Lmfao
Level 5: Roflmao
Level 6: Roflmfao
by God Of The Cows December 29, 2008
Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off
Person 1: I Have crabs
Person 2:ROFLMFAO!!!!!!
by Joe June 19, 2006
Roflmfao (internet acronym) - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.
Mostly used in chat rooms and games, like "lol" (Laughing Out Loud) is this often used to laugh at people that are n00bs or people that has said something n00bish.
Roflmfao comes from the commonly used internet acronym rofl.
n00b: Linux suxx!!!
n00b: Linux suxx!!!
n00b: Linux suxx!!!
n00b: Linux suxx!!!
1337-h4ck3r: roflmfao, stupid n00bs.
by Epyx November 08, 2005
Abbreviation of; Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off. Used by lazy people in online conversations, chatrooms online games, etc. when something has amused them.

Note: almost impossible to actually achieve whilst typing said word on a keyboard.
Person 1: I contracted genital warts from a sheep...

Person 2: Roflmfao
by Roflorbzzzzzz January 20, 2009
Its a term that implies extreme laughter.

Rolling on floor laughing my fucking ass off
Somebody tells a joke, you say:

by .MasterAnimator May 02, 2008
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