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A play off of the breakfast franchise. Somewhere you can go or be sent to in order to enjoy a nice hot ROFL.
That's... pretty funny. I might just need to stop on by the Roflhouse because of how funny that was...
by N8the9er February 20, 2008
A roflhouse is mainly a large house situated in North Colombia. This special house accommodates all people which like to laugh continuously for no reason. 3 Parties are celebrated each year which all members and persons attending, should have a section of the house called "roflarea" which can be used to rofl around as much as you like until you are totally relaxed. A roflhouse is an important house which all regions and nation should have.

A roflhouse is also called by many people as stress relieve house.
John : Hey dude where should we go tonight ? I would like to laugh alot !

Martin : Why don't we go to the roflhouse ? We should have plenty of rofls there :D

John : Ok so let's begin rofl training right now :D
by Devil from Malta August 08, 2009
A franchise safe-haven for hysterical laughter on the floor not to be confused with a similar franchise marketing a hot delicious breakfast.
What he said about your mom was so funny, I just might have to stop by the Roflhouse on the way home today.
by N8the9er February 19, 2008
The best place on earth for a good, hearty breakfast laugh.
Hey man, you like IHOP? It means International House of Poo!

ROFL House! That was a good one.
by Dan Meehan November 28, 2005
A term used to describe a man's genitalia
Man nigga, where is the liquor store? Tell me and i'll suck your ROFLhouse massa! I's a beats ya ROFLhouse real good fo ya massa. Please don't beats me massa! My ROFLhouse hurts massa! Don't bites it massa. NO NIGGA!
by Mr. Slater March 13, 2006