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Acronym standing for rolling on the floor laughing correctly and kicking estranged storemanagers. Generally used as an alternative to rofl; rarely involved in actual kicking of storemanagers.
<Tsunami> He was in the hole!
<FatMan> roflcakes
by FatManMGS2 December 11, 2006
48 63
It can be used in place of Rolfcopters or Lol. Usually used when something is funny or somebody is making fun of someone else. Originated in an online game called Runescape.
Person 1: Oh you got PWNED!
Person 2: Roflcakes!, you're such a loser!
by Mandamcs June 24, 2009
3 25
Roll on Floor Laughing so hard you feel like throwing a cake at Howard
Howard says:
Im gay =D
Bao says:
Howard says
by ZER013HRZ August 10, 2008
4 38
when people gets roflcakes in their faces..

Emilos is a noob.
bbq, fill me up with roflcakes
and i'll speak ya up with all the fakes
but if you'll rofl me in tha face
i'll omgwtfbqq all your space!
by Michael bbq October 11, 2006
21 67