wen u hittin it frm da back,wrap ur arms around her stomack adn whisper in her ear, "I've got aids" & c how long u can hold on
i tried da rodeo on dat hoe last nite.she got up dumass quik.
by baby gurl lia May 05, 2006
An prank performed by a group of individuals to catch another enguaging in sexual intercourse. The individual who is caught, whom may or may not be part of the prank, must continue for at least 7 seconds before a)blowin it b)kicking the individuals from the room c)the female bounces.
Dude, i bet we could rodeo at least half the girls at our school
by Davydub May 17, 2006
Rodeo is what juvenile refers to as moving hips in a rodeo.
lemme see you bounce that move that do that ..lemme see you do the rodeo.
by Licherrwhut April 30, 2006
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