The Rodeo is a sex game involving having "doggy style" sexual intercourse with a girl and saying another girl's name over and over, in order to upset her enough to wriggle herself away from you in anger. The object of the game is to hold onto the girl and stay inside of her for as long as you can.
Typically, a man does not want to do this to a girl he wants to remain in a relationship with.
Last night's rodeo with my date lasted about ten minutes. Surprisingly, she wants to see me again...
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
When a guy is doing a girl doggy style, he whispers in her ear,"I have AIDS..." The rodeo is on and he must then see if he can hold on for 8 seconds as she goes wild and tries to escape from his grasp.
"I have AIDS".... then hold on ;)
by link116 July 12, 2009
When you are banging a fat chick from behind and your friend jumps out of the closet with a stop watch and yells RODEO. The fat chick will try like hell to get away and you attempt to stay inside of her for 8 seconds.
I pulled a Rodeo on Cindy last night and rode her for all 8 seconds.
by Don Flagg June 14, 2011
start fucking her doggy style, grab a handful of hair and then pull your dick out and ram it into her ass. Last for 8 seconds and you win.
She's still pissed about that rodeo the other night... and still walking funny too
by Pyro945 August 21, 2009
when a male gathers a large group of friends, and as a team they go to a bar. The male then seduces the biggest girl he can find, and brings her home for sex. Once riding her doggy style, he grabs her with one hand and reaches the other sky-ward, and yells "YEE HAW!!", at which time all the friends come running in, screaming and laughing! Now, the male fucking the large woman must hold on for AT LEAST 8 seconds. The men all take turns with different women, and whoever stays inside his partner longest wins.. This is truly harder than you might think, as the fatty is liable to be scared and PISSED!
Last night I bagged a 400 pounder, brought her home, and started the rodeo! When my boys busted in yelling and laughing at her, She went crazy, and I only lasted another 4 seconds!
by FRMRTXN July 19, 2009
a sexual prnak. there are many variations. one includes two males and one female. one male does the girl from behind while the other hides in the closet. Quickly and silently, the two males trade places. the male who was doing the girl first then goes outside and taps on a window so the girl will look up and see he previous mate. the new male tries to stay on as long as her can.
That rodeo last night killed my legs, but i stayed on for 5 seconds!!
by Leroi February 13, 2007
When You are having sex from behind in the "Doggy Style" position Pull out and put it into her ass quickly. Wrap your arms around her waist and hold on for 8 seconds.
Straight to the ass fast and hold on tight!!!! Bammm The Rodeo!!!
by John "The Goods" Goodman January 26, 2007

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