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"Rodent" is a term in itself that is much the same as "Rat", a term to describe someone who's behaviour is sneaky and likely to be connected with the underhand seduction of a potential shag. Except "Rodent" is a stronger derogatory description than "Rat". "Rodent tendancies" is a blanket description of the traits associated with the behavior of a rat/rodent.
You can tell Dean Boyle is a rat bastard because he has rodent tendancies.

Phil Dixon pretends to be a gentleman in front of the ladies, but his rodent tendancies are clear to the rest of us.

Paul Firth was displaying rodent tendancies when he was chatting up that minger last night. Rat.

I've got nothing against Jon Storer, but i'd be lying if i said he didn't have notorious rodent tendancies.
by Tedward McForeskin March 13, 2005
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