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1. A delicacy used to marinate rocky mountain oysters.
2. A sauce that accompanies daggeration.
3. The dressing specifically designed for tossing ones salad with.
4. A variant of the popular Italian sauce made from dairy products that originated in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Unlike the others, this is a vegetarian dish and is safe to eat.
Ex I:
Customer: This sausage is bland and dry.
Waiter: Might I suggest a mouthload of Rock Mountain Alfredo to spice things up?

Ex II:
(After failing midterm):
Damn, I just got served a steaming platter of Pene (not penne) topped with Rocky Mountain Alfredo and ate the whole thing. I hope the final isn't that hard. No pun intended.

I love penis.
...and Rocky Mountain Alfredo.
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