A very small county right outside of dallas where the rich people, Yet very nice people live. Many people who live in rockwall got to the best church ever Lake Pointe, that is also in rockwall. Theres a lake and 2 high school and 3 millde schools and who knows how many elementary school. You should live in rockwall its great!
OH! i wish i lived in rockwall!
Yah i heard it was the best city ever!
Yah its sa we have to live in rowlett!
by rockwallluver February 21, 2011
Top Definition
A small town in Texas with bitchy girls, somewhat decent guys, lots of drama, a lake, really nice homes, lots of money, lots of drugs and drinking, and 2 high schools.
I live in Rockwall.

by Some girl in Rockwall June 18, 2008
Nice town outside of Dallas full of bomb ass bitches, rich ass neighborhoods, pussy poppin lake, douchebags, drugs, money, bad ass cars, a Tom Thumb, and where people party till their dicks fall off. Bitch.
I love living in Rockwall!
by Capylick December 06, 2012
a sexy tall girl that you want to get with
I would love to climb that Rockwall! she is so sexy!
by Aweezy March 30, 2012
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