To pay for a Hotel room in cash then proceed to have a hooker and crack party that leaves the room destroyed. When hotel security arives actual owner of room is nowhere to be found.
The american hockey team rockstared there dressing room after being horribly beaten. (ie)Broken windows, smell of urin and sex, overdosing prostitutes, Smashed toilet,
by Duke the iron lung February 04, 2007
Your typically joe (non celebrity/famous) who does something good.
You went down on Betty last nite? Dude, you're a Rock Star.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
Someone who plays music for a living and has enough fans to occupy a city bus.
Buy a CD.
by Zack June 13, 2004
Derrogatory term used for persons or groups who feel their social status is greater than it actually is.
Person 1: What's up with this show? Where's the opening act?
Person 2: They showed up, but left because there weren't enough people here...
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: I dunno...they're rockstars, I guess...
by kwirk May 29, 2005
the skinnies that up all nite doin rocks, crackhead
Saturday morning a few rockstars were comin down tryin to get some coin for beer.
by Speesta June 17, 2011
A company that is willing to kiss the ass of anyone for the right amount of money. They just recently kissed the ass of Microsoft and made two new GTA IV expansion packs exclusive to the Xbox 360. Next week they will kiss the ass of Satan and kill God.
Rockstar: Cant wait to go down the the dealers and see how much crack we can get with that $50 million we just got from Microsoft.
Satan: I'll give you $25 million if you kill God.
Rockstar: Consider it done.
by Juzton February 17, 2009
Parties HARD for more than 3hrs
Gets HYPHY on the dance floor
NO complaining
Can HOLD your liquor
We Partied like some MOTHAFUCKIN ROCKSTARS this weekend!!
by Mickie43 August 02, 2007

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