When you are a whacking off and fingering your own ass while you have one leg of your choice up in a Captain Morgan stance. Gotta make sure you are head bangin and making guitar like sounds.
Dude I was totally thinking about your mom and pulled a rockstar.
by k-nuts925 January 28, 2011
A energy drink that tastes like alien urine
Joe:(throwing up)blaggh! dude, i feel so bad!
Jack: haha you had a Rock Star, didnt you?
by heartbreaker101 April 04, 2008
Something REALLY good... Somthing only "rockstars" could get.
Getting a good parking spot

"Yea! I got rockstar parking!"
by Heather June 16, 2004
A rock star is someone who can play the guitar(any type)/Bass/ Drums and so on.

Example: Craig Nicholls From The Vines is a rock star.

All Hip hop, R'n'b etc artists are NOT rock stars of any form. Just Ugly little boys/girls trying to be cool.

Example: Snoop Dog is NOT a Rock star.
by Missy Mary Jane August 31, 2003
Someone who draws unnecessary attention to themselves.

A total mess
The rock star in the parking lot is dancing on the car.
by jocks July 03, 2014
1) A person with a massive ego who mistreats and then mocks the people around him. This insult originated in Southern California, but is not reserved for musicians.

2) A crack addict with an ego problem.
That guy is such a rock star; he broke up with his lover by late-night text and then called her a stalker when she called him the next day.

That lady is a total rock star; she thinks she's a celebrity because she works at the food buffet at a 5 star hotel.

Every crack addict is a rock star.
by bundt August 20, 2012
the greatest drink ever made. has 14 different flavors, but I think original is the best. when i first tried it I thought it was nasty, but then I tried a few more sips and now I'm addicted.
rockstar is the greatest drink ever made, PERIOD.
by ShaggyStarnz June 22, 2010

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