To be hard as fuck. Also, to be immovable, such as a large pile of rocks. Opposite of cockasswangfuck.
Man, robin's rockpile
by kevan, robin November 22, 2006
Top Definition
rok payhl noun, verb.

The act of, or the experience of having, no fewer than three scrotums (or five testicles) placed and rested for a time around the face, mouth, nose, ears, or chin.
Jack broke up with Jill because he came home to find her getting rockpiled by half the football team.
by Pile it On August 17, 2009
(n,v) The act of putting at least six testicles on one face.
Look, Hal passed out. Let's rockpile him.


Look, Hal passed out. Let's give him a rockpile.
by PeteFalcone August 17, 2009
A person that is lacking intelligence.
That guy is a rock pile! He doesn't even know what 2 + 2 is.
by bull123 February 16, 2009
A Rookie. Pile for short. Rookies are known as rockpiles because like a pile of rocks, roookies are good for nothing.
"Fill up the water bottles, rockpile."
by groov2 December 29, 2006
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