A county in NY that everyone except itself seems to regard as part of a depressed region known as Upstate New York. While that may not be entirely accurate, Rockland county is an outer-suburban wasteland, not even on par with Westchester in terms of wealth and urbanization (as sad as that sounds.) However, it does have some Sopranos fame; Ralph Cifaretto's head was buried in Sloatsburg and Adriana was whacked by Silvio in a forest in Ramapo.
Rockland is literally and figuratively between Jersey and Upstate, though not quite either.
by YO Man June 30, 2004
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Rockland is upstate because
1) It is west of the Hudson
2) It was once part of Orange County
3) It was "red" in the 2004 Presidential Election
Anything other than NYC, LI, and Westchester is upstate.
by JR December 18, 2004
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Located 15 minutes outside of NYC. Thats about where it ends. People in Rockland brag that they are "part" of the city, but in reality they are a bunch of townies. They all live in little towns with no sidewalks. Most of the people there are inbred, or just plain ol' retarded. They try comparing themselves to westchester and L.I. but dont understand that nobody cares what they say, and that at heart they are upstate townies.
Townie "Yo im from Rockland"
City Guy "where the f*ck is that"
Townie "You know not far from the gw bridge"
City Guy " Does it took like I care, you upstater"
by Shaquille O'neal March 03, 2005
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The Bronx was once part of Westchester.
Nassau was once part of Queens.
Rockland was once part of Orange Co.
Ergo, Rockland is upstate.
"I live in Coney Island, and that Rockland place 50 miles north of me is definitely *NOT* upstate, but that Orange County place which is 60 miles north of me definitely is!" -the way Rocklanders want New York City residents to think

In the Bronx, anything north of Yonkers is upstate. (OK maybe Hartsdale, but thats it)
by Chuckie DePalma July 11, 2005
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Rockland is a 2nd class Long Island/Westchester
by Joe November 18, 2003
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Boring county west of the Hudson. And that's where its stigma originates from: West of the Hudson. Given that Rockland kind of reminds real New Yorkers (Westchester/NYC/LI) of Jersey, people are inclined not to think of it as part of NY. Although Rockland IS no more north than Westchester, simply because the Thruway goes west before it heads north, that gives people in Westchester the impression they are going "upstate" into Rockland since they pass thru to get to places like Orange/Ulster/Sullivan County. Rockland has no walkability to it (no sidewalks, no interesting towns or neighborhoods) so is therefore NOT part of the real New York.
Anything in NYS west of the Hudson, as well as Bedford and up east of the river, should secede into the State of Upstate New York.
by Axo May 24, 2005
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a county way upstate n.y. where there are more cows then peeple
i live in the huntingtin in the strongisland when i go upstate to my reletives in nyeack in the rockland they says i tawk like im from new yawk i says yeah i come from new york bitchez
by anthony santello jr March 24, 2007
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