a chair that rox my sockz
um...the thing that is next to me
by sam April 15, 2005
Top Definition
Trucker CB (citizens band) slang for the position of a vehicle in a line of vehicles that is neither at the front or rear of the line. A vehicle in the "rocking chair" is supposedly protected from law enforcement or smokey because it can receive warning by CB radio from those vehicles ahead and behind about oncoming (or overtaking) patrol cars, speed traps, etc.
I was in the rocking chair and escaped a speeding ticket because the lead trucker warned me of a patrolman with a radar gun (Kojak with a Kodak).
by Pool July 07, 2006
A Chair That Rocks!:P
OMG Throw That Rocking Chair On Stage!
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 14, 2008

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