verb - Using, wearing, listening to, etc...
Yea, I'll be rockin' my sweet Reef sandals today

Jeff is totally rockin' a 1991 ford tempo
by Bombastic Fantastic August 06, 2008
To be included in a mobile device. A word used almost universally in the technology video journalism industry.
technobuffalo- Check out this Samsung Galaxy 9.QZHE@$%, it's rockin' a 10 freakabyte display and an octaquadrahelix core processor microwave!

phonearena- the new HTC dragon killer is rockin' a bulletproof screen and automatic toothbrush app!
by Barky the Burninator November 28, 2013
A gathered assortment of musicians with the intention to write completley new material. Cell phones are turned off, drinks are made and an agreement to not leave the room until something is complete is in place. Name spurs from the words Rock and Locked in.
Our practices are getting stale, I think we need to schedule a rock in.
by King R November 07, 2009
something / someone can be regarded as "rockin'" if it is / they are as cool as rock (music)
johnny is planning a rockin' party at his house saturday night
by johnny b 090 March 01, 2003
to where something fully exposed un hiden and be proud of it
"Look In My Eyes, You Can Tell I Ain't Never Scared
Poppin' Them Thangs, I'm ROCKIN My Chain Anywhere"
young buck in the song "stomp" from the album "straight outta chasville"
by aaron_truey September 02, 2005
phrase meaning very cool. Often used by gay males from Southern california.
Oh my god, that is rockin'
by Javier February 23, 2005
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