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A rocker is a person who listens to any kind of rock music (and actually likes rock music). Rockers often play instruments and are probably the least understood clique, due to the general ignorance of preps and jocks, druggies, etc. Despite popular belief, rockers do not all smoke pot and hide in the corner cutting themselves. They usually do not get along with jocks (stupid cavemen who think they're better than everyone else but will end up in mcdonalds forever after high school), preps (rich, usually white kids whose parents buy them everything they ask for, often dress "sophisticated" and think they're better than everyone else), rappers (usually unintelligent people who are often the people who ACTUALLY take drugs and think they're better than everyone else).
A rocker is the kind of person (who happens to like rock music) and will go to class quietly and sit quietly doing their work.

A jock on the other hand will stand up and start dancing around like a moron.
The jock will then whisper to a slutty girl about what a weirdo the rocker kid is.
by Leo Franz January 22, 2009
3 1
slang term for a gun, usually of the automatic assault rifle variety (ie ak-47s)
its time to kill those bastards. grab the rockers, lets go.
by waters, roger May 25, 2011
0 2
preceeding the shocker, spocker, and show stopper, it is the first step towards a loose vag and anus. The rocker takes the index finger and places it in the vaag. It also puts the pinky finger in the anus simultaneously. This creates the devil horns hand signal, which is quite often associated with rock and roll; hence, the rocker.
"we had the tunes blastin so i just had to go rocker on her."

"he started out with the rocker, but we worked our way up to the show stopper"

"the jonas brothers love when i go rocker on their vaginas. they're too frail for the cocker."
by thebrainbud September 07, 2009
5 9
Weed that you put tobacco in, gets you twice as high for half as long.
Hey pass over the rocker, this will be a fun night.
by spocer June 18, 2010
2 9
Similar to the popular shocker, the rocker is putting the fingers in the "rock on" position, and inserting the forefinger into a womans vagina and the pinky into a womans anus. see also spocker
I just gave my girlfriend the rocker!
by Mike Oncley September 29, 2006
12 26
the group of the hottest men alive
by loveableme33 January 05, 2005
27 45
A person who listens to solely rock n roll
A enemey of a Mod or Alternitive person
rocker:Rap Sucks!!!Metalica forever!!
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006
12 31