rockers are people who listen to rock/metal/punk/emo/goth music and wear black and arent afraid to show who they are
most of them ar disliked by other people but they dont let that change the way they are.

rockers are usually frends with other rockers and they usually dislike chavs and other people who arnt like them.
omg those dudes are big rockers
all they listen to is rock music.. and look at their clothes aswell...
by Lizzie!! January 27, 2007
Term that is used to describe a person, male or female, that listens to rock, dresses in a fashion more along the dark side (dark eyeliner, black band shirts, alot of braceletes, etc) Known to the preppy society as "freaks" or "those who are different"...if you will.
That rocker just flipped me off.
by unknown December 19, 2004
An intellectual individual, who listens to Rock music, or it's retarded sub-genres, EMO, Metal, and Pop, and promotes social revolution or equality. Usually a Liberal.

He or she may not have a full education, but many have their own personal and independent beliefs.

They cannot be stereotyped due to their diversity. Unlike rappers, who tend to be posers and not as intelligent.
AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Van Halen, Kiss, Chuck Berry, and Guns N Roses kick EMO Rock's ass

Rocker Power
by Joe Mcbob October 28, 2007
a person who rocks out to acdc,slayer,motley crue,mettalica,ccr,black sabbath,guns and roses,kiss,idol,ratt,white snake,iron maiden, ,twisted sister,and etc.
rocker 1:dude lets go to my house and play guitar hero
rocker 2:awesome!
by tank330 January 28, 2008
A true rocker is someone who lives a rocker's lifestyle. They themselves don't call themselves 'rockers', they have no need of defining themselves. Rock is all about sticking to what you believe in. Being what you want, not caring about whatever society thinks. This results to breaking the law/norms quite often.

Rockers mainly listen to any type of rock music.
There is no certain way rockers dress, but it tends to be in darker colors.
He doesn't care what others think, he's a true rocker.
by youwishyouknewmerocker December 26, 2010
A person who has learned to appreciate all forms of rock n'roll. Be it, goth, emo, punk, metal, glam etc. All forms of rock literally means: ALL FORMS OF ROCK.

Many rockers go by the simple phrase: Rock for Life, or Rock 4 Life.(Same thing.)

But in some cases, rockers have learned to appreciate their own music so much, that they've learned to appreciate all forms of music, such as rap, classical, pop and jazz. This can lead to great friendships with people of all types. Jocks, preps, and more. But I prefer not to use stereotypes. Most rockers don't. Being a rocker is a way of life and many of us are above stereotypes.

Many rockers are actually fun and nice people who love nothing more than hanging out and partying.
"Being a rocker is a great way to live life! :D"
"If I wasn't a rocker I don't know how I'd live ha!"
by Ro(k4Lif3 August 18, 2011
A bong hoot in which a layer of tobacco is packed in the first half of the bowl, followed by a layer of straight chron on top of that. Plain and simple: they fuck you up.
"pack me a rocker, brah."
"got tab?"
by nigs G June 09, 2009
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