someone who just loves rock n' roll. listens to every and all types of it and appreciates every bit of it. doesn't really discriminate any genre of it or any particular album. just loves the sound of a guitar and drumsticks hitting the snare head. a type of true musician that the world needs more of.
I'm a rocker. Not emo. Not goth. Not punk. Not a poser. I just love rock n' roll in any way shape or form, and I wish there were more people who look at rock n' roll the way I do.
by acoustaking October 28, 2008
someone who loves rock music and rocks out to meaningless headbanging aceness. the long hair, the leather, the attitude, it's where its all happening baby! s'all about the rebellion baby, rock n roll!
fans of many heavy rock bands, clad in leather jackets, flowing locks of hair, and a bad-ass attitude. stick it to the man!
by Ace March 09, 2004
Any individual who enjoys listening to rock music. Rockers may also enjoy other genres of music, but usually feel the strongest connection rock music, the term rocker usually has associations with "Emo kids" and/or "Goth" kids, this is not always the case, many rockers are of neither of the above listed groups, but bear in ,mind that anyone in the above mentioned groups are rockers,
As a side note rockers usually dont associate or "get along" with rappers and are often fighting one another over their difference in musical preferance, others prefer not to fight about somthing so personal (me being one of them)
Guns & Roses=Rockers
Black Sabbath=Rockers
Ozzy Osbourne=Rocker
50 Cent=<u>NOT</u> a rocker
by Taren August 04, 2006
Leather Clad, Mod Bashing, Brit Classic Bike Riding, heros of the Rock n Roll era, other wise known as Greasers, Ton-Up Boys, Teddy Boys.
Rocker Guy:Hey u wanna take a Ride down to the ace
Rocker Girl:Yeh thtd be fun, see if ya can get the bike up to the Ton on the way.
by Chuck"Ton-up" Parker August 15, 2006
a person who excels in everything (s)he thinks and does, and most probably also has the coolest personality and attitude
She's quite a rocker -- she emerges as the top of the pack pretty much all the time despite her physical confines.
by Emonga October 20, 2010
Broad term for someone who listens to rock music, attends gigs, wears band t-hirts etc. There are numerous sub-divisions- emo, metal, punk, goth and many more. Rockers are not necessarily any of the above. Listening to rock music and wearing appropriate attire is enough to make you a rocker. Rockers generally favour dark, distinctive clothing (usually with a favourite band's name on the t-shirt, but not always) and slightly heavy eyeliner. This means that all rockers are sometimes confused with goths, not just the gothic ones.
"I'm a <b>rocker</b>"
"Me too! Who do you listen to?"
"My Chemical Romance mostly"
"Emo crap! Marilyn Manson rocks so hard!"
a person who mainly listens to rock, metal, blah so on....okay look rockers, emos, and goths are not all the same thing. Rockers are always there selves even when people tease them. rockers wear mostly black. they get alone with people that aren't rockers but still have a lot of other rocker friends
dude that group is all rockers
Everyone of them is wearing something black
by teri22 May 08, 2008
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