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a person who listens to any type of rock music. typically associated with goth, punk, and other subcultures. rockers have existed in many forms throughout the years and have often found themselves at odds with "rappers," as the musical interests clash. however, this is not true for all rockers, as some listen to rap as well as rock. currently, many rockers have been subjected to the accusation of being a "poser," because it is believed by many that a rocker only listens to one type of rock (ie. a punk might call a metalhead a poser). this is not true for all. rocker is general term, which can be confusing for some who try to understand the fine line between a rocker and a poser. Persecution of your own kind is a common affair with these people. You can find ten to twenty different rockers who have virtually nothing in common; conversely, you may find many rocker cliques in an area.
I am a rocker yet I find it unnecessary to hang with other rockers, and am insulted when people assume that I do.
by jenny January 24, 2004
the group of the hottest men alive
by loveableme33 January 05, 2005
The term rocker is used when you have a really good time or you like something a lot.

Dude it was a hella rocker night.

That beer is so rocker.
by Chiefs Fan May 06, 2006
Another variation on the popular shocker and spocker moves, this one more for beginners; involves just index finger and pinky in the classic devil's horn "rocker" gesture, with the index inserted into the vagina and the pinky in the anus
my girlfriend wasn't quite ready for the shocker, and the spocker was totally out, so I gave her the rocker instead
by Smegmite November 05, 2004
(A) The large posterior (Ass) of a women (commonly of African Decent) that tends to move in a rocking motion due to size and shape.
(B) A women (commonly of African Decent) with a generous to large posterior (Ass) that is so awkward in shape and size to the rest of her body that it causes it to swing from side to side in a rocking motion.
(A) Damn, yo check that shit out. Shorty over there. Yo son she's got a heavy ass rocker.

(B) Yo, she keeps walking like that she's gonna have my babies. Yo that chick is a rocker, look at em ass n hips move.
by Delio The Blak King October 19, 2006
a rastafari. a person who fancies rocksteady rock.
dup mon, you no see it?
im a rocker she's a rocker, and we are rockin to the early morn
by djolivia October 26, 2004
Often referred to as a persons... everything, mostly the way they think/ their mind
"This kids crazy then slim shady off his rocker"

"This kid, he's one sick rocker"
by Brotha C February 16, 2005
a big massive hard on
"o baby u wanna touch my rocker"
by Flash June 25, 2004

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