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A style of music and more that originated in the 195o's and has kept going until now. Every time you see a girl with staight cut bangs and the back of her pin straight hair to her shoulders, you have found a women who thinks she is an individual by coping something that happend half a century ago.
Ted: Hey see that white chick with the black hair?
David: The one with the straight cut bangs?
Ted: Yeah that one.
David: Wow...what a poser.

Ted: silly rockabilly girl.
David: tisk tisk
by erin lockly March 14, 2010
can be used as redneck rock music but I consider rockabilly as a social class
people that wear mostly jeans and
rock-band t-shirts and have chain wallets
this kid I know Jesse Jones he's a rockabilly he wears basically rock band tee's and jeans all the time
he's pretty cool
by Josh Beier January 22, 2004