Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, The Rolling Stones, CRR.
"Gimme Back My Bullets," "Bad to the Bone," "Shattered," "Travelin' Band
by JoeBob September 13, 2003
Music based on but not limited to guitar, drums, bass, and vocals.A genre of music that loves music; performed not for fame or fortune but to feed their soul, tooken over by the music.
ac/dc, jimi hendrix, bob marley, the beatles, dave mathews band, lynyrd skynyrd, led zeppelin, U2, coldplay, aerosmith, the rolling stones, jim croce, sting, nirvana, supertramp, pink floyd, eric clapton, metallica, van halen, santana, phish, vanessa carlton(dont hate on vanessa)
by alabama boy June 07, 2005
Rock music is slang for rock and roll music. Originating is the 40's and early 50's, it is a genre of music that has evolved from an experiment between boogie woogie/blues(ex.John Lee Hooker), gospel(ex.Mahalia Jackson) , and country/western(ex.Jimmie Rodgers) along with swing and jazz music known as rockabilly into the hundreds of subcategories and counting that we know of today. The REAL definition is a colaboration between all genres of music of that time. A colaboration of all races, creeds, and positions in society that couldn't have happened if it weren't for the hundreds of things that went terribly wrong and completely right in that period of time. In short, rock music was a miracle of music.
A lot of the reason rock music was formed was when the swinging Big Bands of the 40's were split up by WW2, many either died out or became smaller. They had to rely more on vocals and guitar than the large instumental compositions that they had started out with. Buddy Holly's was the rock music band that set the standard of 3 guitars and drums.
by Ben Heuer February 22, 2007
A genre of music that infuses elements of blues, rockabilly, country, soul, jazz, folk, and classical music. Also sometimes incorporates tribal, rap, and electronic musics. Very influential and important to the post-WWII era. Main subgroups include classic rock, psychadelic, alternative, metal, and jam band. While much of modern rock is total crap, it has inspired many new styles of music, like raggae and hip hop. it also has inspired older styles of music like classical and blues. Song topics range From love to war to what they had to breakfast. All in all, the greatest and most influential style of music.
by Anonymous person with a name June 03, 2010
Rock is a genre that has evolved tremendously in the 20th and 21st centuries. Originally created from blues and jazz from African Americans. Elvis adopted that and turned it into something more.

Rock had it's big contributation during the 60's and 70's leading up to 80's rock. During the 80's many bands had extreme success. Near the end of the 80's and in the 90's is commonly called "The End of Rock" where, people said Rock n' Roll had died and bands just weren't the same. But every generation has it's own music, and modern rockers say today's rock is still alive and well.

At the turn of the millenium, rock began evolving even more and had some commercial success, but was battling over success with rap and pop music. Around 2002 - 2007, punk and emo bands were highly popular among the rock loving teenagers, although then it was called pop, and was highly looked down upon among other types of rockers, it became more accepted among them as well when rap and pop took over. There are still rock bands having success today, such as Linkin Park, Nickelback, Coldplay, and Avril Lavigne.

Rock music has had a long and great history and it hasn't died, only evolved. Just like humanity, we never died, we simply evolved from apes. Rock music will never die and I will always listen to rock. Also everyone stop complaining that rap and pop sucks. It's not all about sex, drugs, bitches and money.
"I love rock music of all types."
"Rock music isn't dead, it's only different!"
by r0(k4lif3 August 14, 2011
Starting off in the late 40's, through the combining of probably at most blues and jazz, Rock N Rooll was born with artists like Chuck Berry and Elvis, onward to Blues Style rock with Hendrix, Beatles and Cream, many peole agrued on who was best (Hendrix or Clapton) then came Art rock, which is like slow druggy music which involves David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Enter heavy metal which was started by Black Sabbath, foloowed by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and then Metallica. Along comes punk with bands liek Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Punk only lasted a few years. During the time when metal and punk were at war a 2 types of music came in pop rock and stadium rock pop rock:Led Zep, Stadium rock: The Police, neither of these were at war. Punk died and metal carried on for lil while more. Next up a band named Guns N Roses come up and added pop rock to metal and made a neew type of music. Durin that galm came along like Motley Crue, which too slowly died like punk. Next came some rebellious music and some of my faveourite type of music) grunge and alternative rock come along with Nirvana as probably the most popular and RATM, Pearl Jam, Black Flag and Soundgarden following closely. These showed messages of fighting against corparations, but not all the time. Nirvana never did stuff like that, they played some good a stuff. Now today there are two types at war Indy and Emo. With Indy which is popular with the general public and Trendies with bands like Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks, and Emo whcih is liked with people obviously called emos with bands like BFMV and MCR. But in the middle is progressvie rock with Muse in the middle. Who knows what will happen next...
Blues n Jazz 20's: Muddy Waters, Rock N Roll 40's: Chuck Berry, Blues Rock: Jimi Hendrix Experience, Art Rock 70's: Pink Floyd, Metal 70's: Black Sabbath, Punk 70's: Sex Pistols, Pop Rock 70's: Led Zeppelin, Stadium Rock 70's: Bon Jovi, Glam Metal 70's: KISS, Grunge 80's-90's: Rage Against The Machine, Indy 90's: Razorlight, Emo 00's: MCR, Progressive 90's-00's: Muse. Thats Rock Music.
by 0r3hr471ug December 27, 2007
The sound that comes from someone screaming in a metal trashcan thats being thrown down steps.
Rock Music sounds like me on rollercoasters.
by pseudonym_i.have.none. March 04, 2015

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